Selling the Big Ones

Trumpets of Jubilee

I woke up this morning with a notice that we had sold a copy of this composition. This is a very good sign. The bigger more advanced pieces are far more difficult to sell because the market for them is so very small. There are very few large trumpet ensembles in existence. This composition is for twelve trumpets, a very rare ensemble.

The composition is also relatively high in terms of difficulty level. It is always easier to sell music for smaller ensembles. It’s not a coincidence that my best selling compositions and arrangements have been duets!

So yeah, it’s nice to wake up in the morning and see that someone bought this composition. I rarely know if the music people are buying ever gets performed or recorded, but getting the music sold is always the very first step in making that happen!

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Stars of the 60’s Gig

Oldies Gig

Hey everyone, I just got word that I’m going to be on this gig. I’m really looking forward to it. I greatly enjoy the “oldies” gigs. They remind me of my father, who loved this music. I grew up listening to these bands because of him.

I think I’ve played this series before, at the Stafford Center. Last time I did one of these, I was one of the horn players for the Grass Roots. Fun gig. I’m sure this one will be fun, too.

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Breathe Right on Trumpet

Breathe Right on the Trumpet

Here’s another trumpet tutorial video. We had a request from one of our subscribers and this is the final result. I may have written a blog about this in the past. It wasn’t long ago that I preferred writing blogs over making videos. That changed after the first 200 videos.

Anyway, sorry about the duplicated content if this is already on the blog.

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Becoming a Great Trumpet Player. You Get to Choose!

Here’s my latest trumpet lesson, tutorial video. This one is about how to become a great trumpet player. Of course, the same philosophy applies to any musician, but it’s a trumpet channel, so I primarily address trumpet players in the video.

The basic concept is that you choose how good your performances are going to be when you choose to move on. If you are following a proven practice technique or procedure, when you decide that the part you are working on is good enough to move on to the next part, then that is when you decide how good your performance is going to be.

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New Trumpet Play-Along: No Concession Blues

No Concession Blues – Trumpet Play-Along

Hello Everyone,

So, I guess I haven’t written about this here yet, but I recently released a play-along series on YouTube where you get to play first trumpet parts to some of my original compositions (and arrangements). Today I published the play-along for my trumpet quartet titled No Concession Blues.

The series is called You Play First Chair and it has taken off better than I had expected. I am hoping people will enjoy this as a way to sight read and just spend time having fun on their trumpets.

Please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.



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New Free Improvisation

Bebopical Consequences

This video is number 45 in my free improvisation series. It has a little more of a jazz flavor than some of the other improvisations I’ve done lately. Not sure why that has been happening. But that’s the nature of free improvisation, right? You go where the music takes you.

I’ve been enjoying making these improvisation videos. I’ve been doing free improvisations for over forty years now. Doing them on videos, quasi live, this has been a blast. Really! I’ve been telling people that the free improvisations have been the most rewarding playing I’ve done in the past couple years. And I don’t mean that as an insult to anyone I work with. 🙂 Not at all. It’s just that no other performance context is so honest and real as when you sit down and just spill your guts on the camera… so to speak.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching/listening as much as I enjoy making the videos.

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When You Walk In The Forest

When You Walk In The Forest

This is number 31 in my free improv video series. This one is a bit different from the others in that it is more conservative in more easily listenable. It has sort of an Irish lilt to it, but to me, it is actually very classical sounding.

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