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Lessons You Can Afford

Herald Lesson Program

Private lessons for budget-minded students.

We have been working for years on a way to offer budget-friendly lessons for those who cannot afford our other packages. We tossed a few ideas around but this was the one idea that resonated with me the most. The concept is simple. When we have holes in the schedule that we would like to fill, we announce the opening through a “Herald” email. In terms of lesson quality, the Herald Lessons are no different from our $90 casual lessons, but with the casual lessons you get to choose your lesson time. With the Herald Lesson Program, we let you know when we have an opening and if you want to take that spot, then you respond to the email to reserve and pay for it.

How It Works

When you sign up for our Herald Lesson Program, your registration adds your name and email to our database. To receive invitations for discounted lessons, you simply create a “time zone” using the tools provided on the Herald page of EddieLewis.com.

Please Note:
The purpose of the time zones is to help us filter out emails that would fall on days and times when you do not wish to take a lesson. For example, if the only day of the week you can take lessons is on Mondays, then you probably don’t want to receive emails for lessons on Tuesdays or Saturdays. If the only time you can take lessons is between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM on weekdays, then you probably won’t want to receive emails for lesson openings at 3:00 PM. In that way, the zones are for your convenience.

For your convenience, you can have as many or as few time zones as you wish.

When your zones are set, you are ready to receive lesson invitation Heralds via email. The emails the program sends you will have all of the details about the lesson opening; date, time, duration and price. When you receive a lesson invitation Herald that you would like to accept, promptly visit the Herald Page to pay for the lesson.  If the lesson you want is still available (Herald Lessons are reserved on a first come first serve basis), it will be displayed at the top of the page after you login. Select the radio button associated with that lesson and click accept. The next page will have a paypal button on it. Click on the paypal button to pay for your lesson.

Very Important: If you receive a Herald email that invites you to a lesson that you do NOT wish to attend, then you are under absolutely no obligation to accept it. Simply ignore the invitation and wait until you receive one that you do wish to accept.

Grand Opening Sales

For a limited time we will be having grand opening prices. Although our typical Herald Lesson prices will be in the range of $50 per lesson (a 60% savings compared to our top lesson package), we will be offering lessons for as low as $30 dollars for an hour during the sale.

A PHP Project

My life is sort of backwards from most people. I play and teach music for a living and do computer programming as a hobby. The Herald Lesson Program is an original web app that I wrote specifically with my students in mind. I’ve been programing in PHP and MYSQL for about two years now and since there really weren’t any free scripts online that do what I needed this program to do, I decided to write it myself. The app is roughly 1700 lines of code and took me about two months to write with only a few hours of writing per week. This past few days have been spent in testing and the biggest problem we had to fix was a quirky gmail thing that wouldn’t let the email go through if the email started with “hello”.

Other than that, the program seems to be working properly.


We encourage people to send us email with feedback. This project is in its infancy and it will help us make it grow if we know what you like and dislike about it. So please don’t feel shy about contacting us.

Here is the link once again:


This project was a labor of love. It took us a long time to work out the concept (several years actually) and lots of time and effort to birth the concept into reality. But we have faith that it will do well because it was created with a heart of service. We love our students and want to be able to work with them all in a way that makes things fair for everyone. I believe the Herald Lessons make this possible!

About Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis is primarily known as a Christian free-lance trumpet player in Houston, TX. Eddie makes a living playing trumpet, teaching trumpet and jazz improvisation, writing trumpet music and authoring trumpet books. His second book, Daily Routines for Trumpet, is used regularly by thousands of trumpet players around the world. If you would like to purchase some of his CD's, feel free to visit our online music store at http://www.TigerMusicStore.com.
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