2008 Christmas Message

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In Time There Was Quiet – Treble Clef – FREE PDF

In Time There Was Quiet – Bass Clef – FREE PDF

It hasn’t been every year, but for most of the past ten years I have published a “Christmas Message” for all of my internet friends. One year I wrote a poem. Last year I wrote an original Christmas carol and my yearly message was about that. This year, the message comes in the form of a solo instrument “Miniature” loosely based on the following poem.

 In time

    There was quiet,

When the hurried

    Commotion subsided

I looked into

    The manger

But He           

    Was awake.

The Baby


He looked

    Straight at me,

And I knew.

Lately I’ve been enjoying writing miniatures for solo instruments and giving them away as gifts. When it came time to start thinking about this year’s Christmas message, I decided on doing one of these miniatures as part of that message.

In preparing the background work for this piece, I thought about keys and kept gravitating towards three keys – very specifically: C, E and A Flat. I thought about those keys for a while and realized that, in some deep and mysterious way each of those keys “feels” like a different color to me. C feels like white, E feels like green and A flat feels like red. Christmas colors!

What’s interesting is that these keys are a major third from each other, so I decided to use the Augmented Scale both to modulate between the keys and to ornament them. So the composition itself has some interesting sounds to it.

The form of the piece is A1 B A2 C A3 D A where A1 is in C, B is Augmented, A2 is in A Flat, C is Augmented, A3 is in E, D is a cascading cadenza that symbolizes snowfall and the final A is in E.

I know these images don’t coincide with the true birth story of Jesus, but they have become part of the Christmas tradition.

I hope you enjoy the message. We wish all of you a very happy and blessed Christmas season and that these blessings spill over into the rest of your year.

When you get a chance, lean over the side of the manger and look at God’s gift to you.

With God first in all things,

Eddie, Pearl and Alex Lewis

In Time There Was Quiet – Treble Clef – FREE PDF

In Time There Was Quiet – Bass Clef – FREE PDF

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