Tony Guerrero Christian Trumpeter

Last year, a student of mine lent me a CD of a trumpet player who I had never heard of before. I am eager to learn about new players and Tony Guerrero is an excellent jazz musician and trumpet player. Thanks John for turning me on to Mr. Guerrero.

I listened to the recording on the way back and forth from gigs and I enjoyed it so much that I hopped online to read more about him. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Mr. Guerrero is also a Christian. Wonderful!

Tony Guerrero is now officially my favorite Christian trumpet player! Hands down! If you would like to learn more about Mr. Guerrero, you can visit him at his website at

When I first saw his name, I wondered if there was any relationship to the Tony “Ham” Guerrero from Austin, TX of Tortilla Factory fame. I worked with that Tony Guerrero in the salsa band that brought him back out of retirement and thought maybe there was a connection there. But as far as I can tell there is no relationship.

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