All ‘Antica by Goeyens

All ‘Antica

Concert Piece in the Olden Style

For Trumpet and Piano

Each year my students tend to gravitate towards one solo. Two years ago it was Gabaye’s Boutade. Last year it was the Neruda. This year the most popular solo with my students is All ‘Antica by Goeyens.


Listed as a Grade 4, All ‘Antica makes a good contest solo for intermediate students. The students must have a reliable range up to b flat above the staff, should have a general understanding of how thirty-second notes work, and should have the endurance to play a two page solo. I will not let my students play All ‘Antica if they have any stylistic trouble with staccatos. So a good background in this “golden style” is a plus.

For those who meet the prerequisites, All ‘Antica is a fun piece to learn. For those who are struggling with endurance, range or a good stylistic staccato, it may not be very fun and the end result may not be worth the investment.

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