Twelve Concert Duets by J. S. Cox

Twelve Concert Duets

For Cornet or Trumpet

by J. S. Cox
Edited by Frank Simon

This is a wonderful collection of difficult duets (Grade 3-4) intended for concert performance. They require a special combination of flexibility, style and stamina.

Both J. S. Cox and Frank Simon were members of the famous John Philip Sousa band. The music in this duet book is in that wonderful, turn-of-the-century style that I’ve grown to enjoy so much. The duets are long. Some are as long as ten pages, so an actual performance of the duets may require memorization or a page turner.


Before attempting to learn the 12 Concert Duets by J. S. Cox, you should have a working range up to high C and strong enough endurance that you can produce a good sound after eight pages of playing without a rest. I feel as if most modern trumpet students will struggle most with this aspect of Cox’s Duets.

Other requirements include a thorough knowledge of basic rhythms, a basic grasp of the styles from this era, and fluent technique in most of the major keys.

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