Are You Guilty? Stealing Is Stealing!

I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that everyone commits intellectual property theft to some degree in their daily lives. Some steal more than others, but we are all guilty of it. The following video explains why this kind of theft has become so prevalent in our modern society.

I have experienced intellectual property theft for many years now. Within weeks of the publication of my first book people were sharing copies of it without my permission. Since then it has only gotten worse, not better.

On the one hand, you cannot say that it has hurt me if I never had it to begin with. Right? Things are different for me than they are for people who were already established before the internet made intellectual property theft so popular. But on the other hand, what if people actually paid me for everything they’ve ever taken? Where would I be in my career today?

I know there is an entire generation (or two) that believes music should be free. Those people are shallow thinkers who cannot see this topic any deeper than the topmost level. They do not look deep enough to see just how many people are hurt, including themselves, when people do not get paid for the work they do.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.

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