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easter_bannerI’ve never done this before, I guess because I’ve always sorta seen my “physical” world as being something separate from my “internet life”…in a practical, functional sense that is. The people who read this blog are mostly not Houstonians. You live all over the world. So the idea of inviting you to church never really crossed my mind.

So, if you do not live in Houston, feel free to skip this one.

What We Like About CT Church

Our pastor, Don Nordin, has specifically asked us to invite people to church who used to be church members but have stopped going. We are reaching out to people who feel disillusioned by their past church experiences. And for me to do this with confidence, I must tell you what it is that Pearl and I like about CT Church.

First of all, we do like our pastor, Don Nordin. If you follow my blog, you already know this because he was the subject of a recent Life Builders post [which you can read by clicking here]. The gist of my blog post about him basically says that, in his preaching, Pastor Nordin does not stray from the Bible. But I should also talk a little bit about what I like about the church itself, because there is more to a church than just its pastor.

Putting Love Into Action

When I left my parents home church the military church, Center Chaple One on Fort Bliss, one of the things I was looking for in a church was evidence that they were doing the kind of work, helping people in need, just like the Bible says we should. This was very important to me. 1 Corinthians 13 starts off by saying that all the other Church stuff is worth nothing without love. And to me, that’s a big part of how a Church should be expressing its love, through feeding and clothing the needy, etc.

And as I have said before, CT Church does more of this than any other church I have ever seen. If you go to the website and read about all of the things we do for the community, you will be surprised. I’m certain of it.

If that sort of thing is as important to you as it is to me, then CT Church might be the church for you.

Supporting Missions

As a church family, CT Church does a lot to support missions across the planet. I have seen the list of missions we support and it is impressive.

Personally, I am of the opinion that we should ALSO give to groups on our own. Pearl and I do this. I think that’s an important part of being a Christian…taking an active role in that sort of giving.

But that said, it is just as important that the church congregation, as a church family, set the right example by giving that way, too.

Holy Spirit Filled Church

This one falls in the “last but not least” category. Another thing I was looking for when I left my parents’ church, something that is just as important to me today as it was back then (1984), was a church that recognized, welcomed and moved in the gifts of the spirit. I remember reading the Bible and asking myself, “Why am I not seeing these things in my church?”

The way I see this, any “social club” can “do good things for the community.” I was in Boy Scouts for most of my childhood. You don’t need to be in a church to do the kinds of things Boy Scouts would do. For me to be a member of a church, that church has to believe that Jesus died on the cross for me, for all of us. That church has to believe that Christ truly did send the “Comforter” [the Holy Spirit] just like the Bible said He did. As far as I’m concerned, a church that sweeps this part of the Bible under the rug to be ignored or even hidden from public, such a church is not Christian church at all. It is really nothing more than a “social club” like the Boy Scouts. And even though this is, in and of itself, not a bad thing, it is not church. Not to me it’s not.

I am not suggesting that all non-penticostal churches fall in this category. In my career as a musician, I have even seen Catholic congregations who were more on fire with the Holy Spirit than any protestant church I’ve ever seen. So I am not suggesting that this is determined by the denomination of the church. No, it is determined by the membership of the church, by its congregation.

And CT Church gets that. No sweeping it under the rug here. No being ashamed because of what non-Christians might say. Nothing like that.

We Saved a Seat for You

CT Church used to have a slogan on their website and handouts. It said, “We saved a seat for you.” [or something like that] If you are between churches, disillusioned by your past church experiences, and would like to become involved with a church that does it right, you have my personal invitation to come join us at CT Church.

We have three different campuses with several different service styles. If you prefer Español…tenemos que! If you enjoy listening to rap and hip-hop…we’re all over that! If you like the old timey stuff, we have a traditional service once a month. And of course, we have a normal service too.

I know that most of you do not live in Houston. However, we do live stream some of the services online. I can’t speak for our church leadership, but I believe we prefer that you find a physical church home to attend in person. However, if you have limited options, then we welcome you to join us that way until you find a local church home.

Easter Trilogy

We have special services starting tomorrow (3/29/15) and going for three weeks. You can find more information about these special celebrations at

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