All Blues Play List for All-State Jazz

I’ve created a play list of different trumpet players playing All Blues to help you prepare for the All-Region Jazz auditions. If you are auditioning for All-Region Jazz, listen to these videos several times. Also avoid the temptation to skip after the trumpet solo is over. You need to get into the habit of listening to full recordings and not only listening to the trumpet solos.

This is the region etude. I will try to make a play list for the state improv etude when I have a chance.

About Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis is primarily known as a Christian free-lance trumpet player in Houston, TX. Eddie makes a living playing trumpet, teaching trumpet and jazz improvisation, writing trumpet music and authoring trumpet books. His second book, Daily Routines for Trumpet, is used regularly by thousands of trumpet players around the world. If you would like to purchase some of his CD's, feel free to visit our online music store at
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