Congratulations Jazz Region Students

Well, it’s the first time this has happened in many years. Over a decade ago I decided to limit my student load to a fraction of what it used to be. I did this so I could give each student all the attention they deserved. But that also meant that I send very few students to the various competitions anymore. When I say “so few”, I mean in comparison to how it was in the 90’s when I was teaching over seventy students per week.

This week, for the first time in over a decade, I had multiple students win spots in the same band. TMEA Region 23, which is probably one of the most competitive regions in the state for jazz, had their jazz band auditions on Tuesday. Four of my private lesson students one chairs in the band as well as two students master classes that I taught over the summer:

  1. Lily P. is currently a freshman at H.S.P.V.A. and has gotten off to a good start with lessons over the summer.
  2. Christopher L. is a senior at Lamar High School and has become one of my most creative students.
  3. Cristian C. is a senior at Elsik High School. Cristian won some sort of scholarship that paid for his lessons with me over the summer.
  4. Richard C. is my newest student, a junior at H.S.P.V.A. Richard made it into the first band.
  5. Sebastian S. is a student at Taylor High School where I’ve been giving master classes in the summer for three years now. Sebastian is first chair in the first band.
  6. Ryan N. is also a student at Taylor High School.

I typically don’t lump all of the congratulations into one post like this, but there are so many and I am short of time. Congratulations Lily, Christopher, Cristian, Richard, Sebastian and Ryan. You each did a great job.

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