No Concession Blues in Senior Recital

Cesar Hinojos, one of the trumpet students at U.T.E.P. (where I was a student in the 80’s) ended his senior recital with one of my original trumpet quartet pieces, No Concession Blues. I am always honored when anyone chooses to perform my music when there are so many great trumpet pieces for them to chose from. For someone from U.T.E.P. to chose to perform my composition is extra special.

Coincidentally, someone just bought a copy of this sheet music on Sheet Music Plus today! No Concession Blues is my highest selling composition at Sheet Music Plus!

No Concession Blues was original composed for a performance with my jazz group, Living Rhythms, at Cezanne’s (Houston’s most prestigious jazz club). The title makes reference to a political atmosphere where no one is making any efforts to get along. We now have a “take no prisoners” mentality in politics today and in my opinion it has become very destructive. It saddens me because of what it does to people. Some of my kindest, gentlest friends behave like monsters because of their political beliefs. It is difficult for me to see so much hatred in their eyes. The left hate the right and the right hate the left. Not only is our nation divided, but friendships are torn apart.

That’s what No Concession Blues is about. It’s a piece about people actually going out of their ways to NOT get along.

What’s funny about No Concession Blues is that it’s not a blues. 🙂 It’s a rhythm changes tune with some bluesy lines in it. We perform this every time Living Rhythms performs, and when I tell the audience that it’s not a blues, they always get a kick out of that. The unreconciled title mismatch represents how I see all this political stuff. It’s all lies and half truths! Neither side is right. Neither side is trustworthy…in my opinion.

Anyway, enough of the politics! I just wanted to share this video with you. It really is an honor to have one of my compositions in someone’s senior recital. Thank you Cesar!

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