U.T.E.P. Trumpet Ensemble at the N.T.C.

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Juan Pablo, Jacob, Elijah, Isaac, and Paul.

Voice of the Prophets

There is a group of trumpet players who I have something very important in common with. They are students at the University of Texas at El Paso (U.T.E.P.) where I was a trumpet student in the 80’s. A trumpet friend of mine from our high school years, Nancy Taylor, is the group’s trumpet teacher. From what I can tell, they are good people. That said, I haven’t met them yet, and there’s a chance I may never meet them all at once as an ensemble.

So why am I telling you about them?

Because they are representing U.T.E.P. at the National Trumpet Competition tomorrow (March 8th) in Denton, Texas.


For this year’s competition, they are performing a composition I wrote specifically for them. It’s a trumpet quintet that I titled Voice of the Prophets. I gave it that title because each of the members of the ensemble have names from the Bible: Juan Pablo, Jacob, Elijah, Isaac, and Paul.

They perform tomorrow morning and we want to publicly offer our support and encourage you to do the same. They have invested a lot of effort into this performance. We are looking forward to watching them on the live stream.

Nancy, Juan Pablo, Jacob, Elijah, Isaac, and Paul, thank you for the honor of performing one of my compositions. Pearl and I will be cheering for you from Houston. We wish you well tomorrow! God bless you!

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  1. Anthony Tosti

    May God bless and guide the five dedicated musicians in their performance.

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