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All Blues Play List for All-State Jazz

I’ve created a play list of different trumpet players playing All Blues to help you prepare for the All-Region Jazz auditions. If you are auditioning for All-Region Jazz, listen to these videos several times. Also avoid the temptation to skip … Continue reading

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Student News Makeover

I have limited disk space on the website, which is my main professional site. So I had to stop posting student news on that website. Instead, I’ve decided to post the student news here on this blog and stream … Continue reading

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A Perfectly Sincere Point of View

A wonderful quote that deals with what I call “musical honesty”. Continue reading

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Trumpet Player Advice from Luther Didrickson

The following is a post I recently stumbled on from the I wanted to post it here because I agree with it 100%. I took one lesson with Mr. Didrickson in the late 80’s. The lesson lasted two hours … Continue reading

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How Is Jazz Like Chess?

December 5th 2007 by Eddie Lewis This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. I’m not a very good chess player but I do enjoy playing the game. Now, there are lots of people who compare jazz to chess … Continue reading

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Originality vs. Self Expression

Here’s another article I posted on the old JazzHouston has bee taken down and even though they now have a mirror site to archive the content, I felt it was time to take my articles and post them on this blog. Continue reading

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Squirrel Suite

It is not uncommon for students to walk into our home studio with a smile on their faces. When I ask what they are smiling about, more often than not, it is the squirrels. Here is a collection of squirrel … Continue reading

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