200 Video Milestone

200 YouTube Videos Posted!

This video, Why Lip Buzz? is our 200th video on our YouTube channel. We have been publishing more videos lately. Most of them are music videos. There are three categories of music videos we are posting; product videos, performance videos (mostly my free improv stuff) and the weekly hymns. But there is a fourth category of videos we’ve been trying to post weekly, and that’s the instructional videos. This Why Lip Buzz? video is from that series.

Evergreen Tales

Aside from just trumpet videos, Pearl and I are also working as a team to produce read-along and story videos. If you want to hear a South African accent reading children stories, Afrikaans poetry and some cautionary tales, please visit our Evergreen Tales channel. We are low on subscribers on that channel, and we would love it if you helped us out by subscribing!

Here is our latest from that channel:

I hope you enjoy these videos. If you have any requests for videos from either one of our channels, please feel free to ask.

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Congratulations Osvaldo T.

Congratulations Osvaldo

We want to congratulate Osvaldo T. for getting a first division on his solo at Solo and Ensemble Contest. Osvaldo is one of our newest students but he is making a lot of progress.

Congratulations Osvaldo. Keep up the good work.

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5 Reasons You Need Trumpet Lessons

Why Should You Take Trumpet Lessons?

In this video, I give you five reasons why you should take lessons if you are serious about becoming a trumpet player.

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U.T.E.P. Trumpet Ensemble at the N.T.C.

Juan Pablo, Jacob, Elijah, Isaac, and Paul.

Voice of the Prophets

There is a group of trumpet players who I have something very important in common with. They are students at the University of Texas at El Paso (U.T.E.P.) where I was a trumpet student in the 80’s. A trumpet friend of mine from our high school years, Nancy Taylor, is the group’s trumpet teacher. From what I can tell, they are good people. That said, I haven’t met them yet, and there’s a chance I may never meet them all at once as an ensemble.

So why am I telling you about them?

Because they are representing U.T.E.P. at the National Trumpet Competition tomorrow (March 8th) in Denton, Texas.


For this year’s competition, they are performing a composition I wrote specifically for them. It’s a trumpet quintet that I titled Voice of the Prophets. I gave it that title because each of the members of the ensemble have names from the Bible: Juan Pablo, Jacob, Elijah, Isaac, and Paul.

They perform tomorrow morning and we want to publicly offer our support and encourage you to do the same. They have invested a lot of effort into this performance. We are looking forward to watching them on the live stream.

Nancy, Juan Pablo, Jacob, Elijah, Isaac, and Paul, thank you for the honor of performing one of my compositions. Pearl and I will be cheering for you from Houston. We wish you well tomorrow! God bless you!

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YouTube Video Surge

Hello everyone. So, over the past two weeks we have been posting more videos on YouTube. The videos posted have settled into a pattern of four videos per week. The first one is one Monday morning when I post a video of one of my composition tracks. Usually they are from my albums, but not always.

Here’s an example of one of those composition videos:

Bait Suite

Bait Suite has ended up being one of the best selling compositions over the past couple months. It is part of a suite of suites, there suites of miniatures (very short movements) with a fishing theme. What I don’t quite understand is what is attracting people to this one suite, and not the others. Perhaps they have never heard the other suites? Who knows? I’m not going to look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. I’m happy any time people choose to buy my compositions. I consider it an honor.

Free Improvisation Videos

On Wednesdays, we are publishing videos from my Free Improv series. So far I have recorded twenty-two of these. Number twenty-two is scheduled to be released next week, but here are numbers 19, 20, and 21:


“Eish” is an exclamation commonly used in South Africa. I used it as the title of this video because I specifically set out to play high notes in this one. I almost felt guilty doing this video because I felt like I was going against what I consider to be the “free improv code of ethics” (if there ever was such a thing). To me, the entire objective of a “free improvisation” is that it must not be contrived or premeditated. For me to start the entire video session saying to myself “let’s play some high notes”, yeah… not cool. But I did it, and posted it…and now we wait to see if anyone notices how contrived it is.

Buddy Siscoe

This free improvisation was not posted on Wendesday for a very important reason. I posted it on Saturday because that was the day of Buddy Siscoe’s funeral. If the name Buddy Siscoe sound familiar to you, the perhaps you read my Life Builders post about him here on this website. I received word that he had passed right before I sat to record this video. So I was thinking about him while I improvised. That lead me to improvise in a style that he probably would have liked.

Free, Free as Can Be

The Bible says that “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” That’s the theme of this free improvisation. You know, I realized the other day that, as we get older, we accumulate hurts and harms and abuses and just a lifetime of trouble. But to someone liberated by God’s grace through His only son, Christ Jesus, these things just pass like water rolling off a duck’s back. We are truly “Free Indeed!”

Instructional Videos

Friday evenings are for new instructional videos. I’ve been doing more of these lately. Compared to the more musical videos, there are a lot fewer of these trumpet tip videos on my channel, but we are adding more… shooting for once per week.

How to Play Stardust (by ear)

This video was done as a favor for one of the people who had commented on another video. The idea was to play the song in an easy key, and with the video zooming in on my fingers so you can learn the notes that way.

Difference Between a Trumpet Warm-Up and a Trumpet Routine

Some trumpet players use the terms warm-up and routine interchangeably. Even I do it sometimes. The video explains the difference between the two and gets us started on recognizing when to know which one to do and when to do it.

Trumpet Hymn Videos

Also scheduled regularly are the trumpet hymn videos. We publish them each Sunday morning. We have recorded enough so far to last into February, but two have been posted recently.

I Know that My Redeemer Lives

Not to be Regarded as a Promise

For now, I am striving to do these four videos per week. I do not promise that I an sustain this rate of publishing. There will be weeks in the near future when I can’t produce as many videos, if any at all for that matter.

Maybe it would be better if I tried to spread them out more, but then the content would become lopsided, and I don’t want that.

Read Along Video Channel

Evergreen Tales

We also now have a new YouTube Channel where we feature read along stories for children. And yes, I did compose the theme music for these videos:

Thank You for Subscribing and Liking

They recently changed the rules about who can make money off of their videos on YouTube. At the rate I’ve been going, it will be years before I get that far into it. However, it still helps when you do the following things to show your support:

  1. Click on “LIKE” if you like a video you are watching.
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
  3. Share the videos on social media.
  4. Leave comments in the comment section of a video.

Doing these things tells YouTube that our videos are interesting enough to suggest to other YouTube users who have similar tastes to yours. So when you like, subscribe, share and comment, YouTube sees that as a positive thing and promotes our videos more. So thank you for doing more of that for us. The internet is becoming increasingly hostile to us little people. The more you helps us out that way, the better it helps us provide more of these videos that you love so much.

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As With Gladness Men of Old

As With Gladness Men of Old

I meant to post this before Christmas, but there was no time. I hope you enjoy it.

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Virtual Christmas Concert and New Videos

I’ve put together a virtual Christmas concert for your listening pleasure. It pulls from a variety of recordings I’ve made over the past several years. I hope you enjoy it.

Here are a few other videos that I’ve recently released that you may enjoy:

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