Unadorned Trumpet Hymn: Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy

Here is my first attempt to do a live video of one of my “unadorned trumpet hymn” recordings. This really is how it looks when I’m doing the recordings for those albums. I do not use headphones for the first part. There is no click track. It is all very natural.

I wanted it to be as real and as natural as possible. The only thing fake in these recordings is the digital reverb.

When I do the second trumpet part (usually on the second time through the hymn), I have to play it through a few times to get a feel for the tempo. I do not adhere to a strict tempo in the first trumpet part, so it’s a bit of a guessing game to do the second trumpet part, even though I was the one who played that first trumpet part.

By modern day music industry standards, these recordings are sub par. They are too loose. Not precise enough. But I felt it in my heart to offer something natural and less refined.

I do not know the exact scripture reference, but there is a place in the Bible where God tells them not to cut the stone used to build the alter. That instruction has been on my heart the entire time that I’ve been recording these unadorned trumpet hymns. I want to offer God, and you the listener, something that is uncut, unrefined, and in its natural state.

I do hope that you enjoy it.

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Family Tree: Free Improvisation #18

Free Improvisation on Trumpet Number 18
Family Tree

Here is my 18th free improv video. I’ve been doing these free improvisations for about 18 months now. This one is different from the rest, which is the point, right? It is easy, when you are playing free, for the same old stuff to spill out.

The improvisations are something of a paradox. We need to implement structure, but in such a natural manner that there is a communicative flow to it. Without the structure, all of the music begins to sound the same. But conscious efforts to create structure will lead to sterile, stiff, inexpressive noise.

In this video, my intention was to barrow from the language of the free jazz trumpet players of the past twenty years. I am not as much of a master of this language as some, but it is not foreign to me. That said, I couldn’t do what I do if that language wasn’t completely internalized already.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this taste of modern trumpet playing.

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Congratulations Judy Z. – All-Region Jazz

Congratulations Judy

Judy Z. has been extremely busy this last month with marching band commitments, so I didn’t hear about her results until today. Judy is a Freshman in high school and placed third in her region’s jazz band auditions.

Judy has been my student for at least a couple of years now and is doing a terrific job.

Congratulations Judy! Keep up the good work!

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Dr. Shana Mashego Performance

Classic Hymns in a Classical Setting

Yesterday I had the privileged of performing with Dr. Shana Mashego and the Sacred Ensemble. This is a classical chamber music ensemble dedicated mostly to performing hymns. The video above is the last part of our service for Bear Creek United Methodist Church.

James Williams III

The other trumpet player in the ensemble was James Williams III. I always enjoy working with James. This was our first time to play classical music together. And that was nice. James is an active trumpet player in the Houston area.

He is very much involved with Conrad Johnson’s professional big band. I was in “The Big Blue Sound” for two stints long before Conrad Johnson passed away. It’s nice to see that the young people are keeping the band alive.

You Know How I Feel About Hymns

While I am not as disheartened today as I used to be, I still think that too many people have turned their backs on the traditional hymns. I have recently discovered that there are more people interested in hymns than I thought. So that’s good news. However, it’s nice to see that Dr. Mashego is doing her part to place the hymns back to the public’s attention.

There is a huge difference between hymns and songs. To me, singing hymns is far more than just a tradition. Hymns should have never been deemed as being “old-fashioned”. They never should have been replaced by songs. It’s not about old verses new, or about what’s popular or exciting.

I don’t want to get into it in too much detail here beyond just saying that it’s nice to see more signs every day that there is still a place for traditional music in the church. And for that reason, yesterday’s performance was much more than just a gig for me. I am already part of a movement to reawaken people’s love for the hymns. So yesterday’s gig was another way of doing that.


You can learn more about the Sacred Ensemble and it’s leader, Dr. Shana Mashego, at Mashego-Ensemble.com. The website includes video, photos, sound clips and information about their CDs.

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Congratulations Myranda P.

Congratulations Myranda P.

I just got word that Myranda won a chair in the junior high All-Region band for her region. In fact, she placed second in the auditions.

Myranda began taking lessons with me just over a year ago. During that time, I helped her learn how to practice and now she uses what I taught her to reach her musical goals. Making second chair at region is evidence that it’s working for her.

Congratulations Myranda. Keep up the good work!

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First Trumpet Fruits Album Released Today!

Eddie Lewis’ latest album is released today, First Trumpet Fruits.

First Trumpet Fruits

Hello everyone!

Well, today is the official release of my latest album. This is a very special album to me. Not that the others have not been special, but this one is almost not even mine. What I mean is that I gave my early morning composition time to God as a first fruits offering and this album is what He did with it. That’s how I see it.

I say it that way because the end result took so little effort. The album is probably my best work so far, but I did very little to make it happen. I just gave God the first fifteen to twenty minutes of my work day, almost every day, for about a year and a half. In that short period of time, not only did I compose all of the music on this 113 minute album, but also a few other compositions for other instrumentations.

I wont go into details about what that daily composition time was about. Not on this blog. I wrote about it on the EddieLewis.com website and you can read more about it there. I just wanted to be sure that the people who still visit this blog knew about the release.

Here are a couple of links:

CD Baby for buying the digital album:


EddieLewis.com to read more about the album:

First Trumpet Fruits

I haven’t been sharing the good news on this blog lately. My music has been streamed around the world with over 1,000 streams per week for the past several months. I know that for most musicians, that is small potatoes. But for me, that’s more than I ever expected. So I praise God for that. And I mean THAT! I haven’t done anything to get that kind of air play. I don’t have the resources to advertise like. I don’t even have the time to do that sort of thing myself. So yeah, I can only thank God that He would send the music where He wishes it to go.

I also have YOU to thank, too. Thank you for your support and your interest in my music. No matter how far reaching the music becomes, it is YOU, my first supporters, who I remember most. So thank you!

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Congratulations Sean S. – First Chair

We want to congratulate Sean S. for making first chair in his school band this week. Sean is a seventh grader and I believe he is in a mixed grade band. He started lessons almost a full year before sixth grade beginning band. Now he is seeing the results of getting a head start.

Congratulations Sean!

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