30 New Trumpet Videos in April

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Face Mask and Scrubs. April 2020 the month of the infamous lockdown.

The Silver Lining

Going into the month of April, I noticed that we had published new trumpet videos daily for a whole week. This was not by design. I am not one of those who feels that I have to “create on a schedule”. I don’t post at the same time every week. I don’t follow any kind of scheduled programming or anything like that.

But when I noticed that the entire last seven days leading into April had published videos, AND I already had quite a few videos scheduled to be releases in April before the month even started, I thought, “hey, while we are in lockdown, why don’t I try posting a video every day?”

And that’s what I did!

30 New Trumpet Videos
I use a calendar to track which videos are scheduled for each day.

30 New Trumpet Videos

What I thought I would do here is list all of them with their links. I thought some of you might enjoy that.

  1. How to Make Jesus Christ Lord of Your Music – Behind the Wheel
  2. Lifted Up [Score Video]
  3. Live Stream Trumpet Q and A No. 38
  4. How to Record You Jazz Improv Assignments
  5. Just as I Am – Trumpet Hymn Duet
  6. Lemming Lamment – Trumpet Improv No. 84
  7. Just as I Am – Play Along Video
  8. 7 Tips for Lockdown Motivation – Behind the Wheel
  9. Nothing Is Impossible [Score Video]
  10. Live Stream Trumpet Q and A No. 39
  11. 3 Steps to Mastering Shakes on Trumpet
  12. Ivory Palaces – Unadorned Trumpet Hymn
  13. Lockdown Lowdown – Trumpet Improv No. 85
  14. Amazing Grace – Play Along Video
  15. What the Lockdown Reveals – Behind the Wheel
  16. Peace Hymn [Score Video]
  17. Live Stream Trumpet Q and A No. 40
  18. 10 All-State Tasks to Do Now
  19. Are You Building On the Rock – Unadorned Trumpet Hymn
  20. Grey-Tude – Trumpet Improv No. 86
  21. Autumn Mix – Jazz Play-Along
  22. Create Lots, Then Choose – Behind the Wheel
  23. Sustenance and Provision [Score Video]
  24. Live Stream Trumpet Q and A No. 41
  25. 9 Tips for Embouchure Change
  26. I Know Whom I Have Believed
  27. Vanilla Flats – Trumpet Improv No. 87
  28. Prince of Peace – Play-Along Video
  29. What Are Inspirations? – Behind the Wheel
  30. Safe Shores [Score Video]

Thank You

I think that, perhaps because of the videos, or because everyone is in lockdown and spending more time online, our sales have gone up. This past month has been our best month of sales ever. This includes sheet music, books and recordings.

So thank you, all of you who have been taking an interest in our stuff. We appreciate it more than you can imagine.

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