7 Tips for Lockdown Motivation

7 Tips for Lockdown Motivation

Hello everyone! This is our first Behind the Wheel video to be made available ONLY here on the blog.

We’re talking today about how to get stuff done when you’re sitting at home doing nothing. That’s what I mean by “lockdown motivation”. Most people are now living the way I’ve been living since 1990. This virus lockdown, thanks to Covid19, is forcing you all to be more responsible for your own motivation.

So here are my thoughts about living this way and getting motivated during this Covid19 lockdown.

  1. Do What’s Most Important First
  2. Start with Shorter Practice Session
  3. Have a Musical Objective
  4. Have a Written Schedule
  5. Get an Accountability Partner
  6. Do More Play-Alongs
  7. Do Nightly Evaluations

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