This blog styled website is intended to be used as a central hub for all of our online content. For detailed information about why we are doing this, see one of my earliest posts about Avoiding Virtual Schizophrenia. By using a WordPress plugin we are able to post information here on the blog that is sent to our satellite sites via category specific RSS feeds. We also use another plugin to publish blogs to various social media. This movement away from virtual schizophrenia has brought a lot of peace back into my life. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

E Lewis Ave Original PhotoEddie Lewis Ave.

The name of the blog was originally Just a Thought, which was the name of my private journal I kept for over twenty-five years. I quit journaling in 2005 and I thought it was fitting to use the name of my journal as the name of this blog.

However, I changed the name soon after the site went up because the graphic I chose to use in the header was just too good to pass up. The last time I was in Las Vegas, I stumbled upon a sign at the corner of E Lewis and 1st. I took a picture of the sign thinking I could probably use it for something later on. Fishing through those old pix looking for something to use in the header, I rediscovered the street sign and knew it was a sign (pun intended)….a sign on the corner of the road to success!

I and We

One thing I want to point out on this page is that I often switch between using I and we in a way that seems almost random. It’s not random. I am trying to write in first person, but I am not alone in this crazy life and even crazier career. The we I am referring to always refers to my wife, Pearl, and sometimes also refers to the rest of our growing team. I am the figurehead of the family and the business both. I am the face the public sees and the name they know. But I rely on my wife and other people so much that it is wrong for me to get too overly caught up in the I / me stuff.

A good example of what I’m saying is the books and published articles I’ve written. ALL of that material goes through Pearl’s desk a few times before we send it to print or to a publisher. She is much more than just an editor. We work on the articles together, sending them back and forth, until we are both happy with the final product. We won’t be doing that for these blogs simply because of the time involved, but all of our more permanent work is done as a team.

Pearl is more than 50% of our business. She does so much for the business and for the family that there’s no single job description that could possibly describe what she does. All I can say is that she is the closest example of a Proverbs 31, Virtuous Woman I have ever met.