Eddie Lewis and his wife, Pearl, currently run a variety of sites for a variety of different purposes:


This is our oldest and most popular site. Up until 2006 eddielewis.com was the centralized hub for all of my content, so it grew in popularity over the years. In 2006 there was a growing need to separate the more serious business aspects of our online presence from the rest of our content. At the time there were over a thousand html pages on the site and that number was reduced to just a couple hundred. They say that familiarity breeds contempt and we felt it was important to take the more “familiar” writings off of the site and replace them with more formal information directly pertinent to our business with our students and wedding clients.

Today, the objective of eddielews.com is serve our current students with news, events and important information. There is a section of the site dedicated to wedding clients, but that area will soon be moved to another site.


My wife, Pearl, has her doctorate in physics from the University of Port Elizabeth (in South Africa) and has eighteen years experience teaching at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Her blog is titled “Simply Science In Everyday Life” and explores a variety of topics related to maths, sciences and education in general. Pearl has the same desire I do, to share her knowledge with the world in a way that lifts people up.


Tiger Music is one of the sites where you can purchase my books. I have written over fifteen books so far and we are constantly working on new projects. The music store is the only place online where you can purchase my compositions in printed format (as opposed to downloads) or to buy autographed copies of my books.

Aside from just the books and compositions, we also sell a few CDs, valve oil and buzz aids.

We only accept paypal, but if you don’t like to use paypal you can always go to our Lulu site as an alternative. Read more about that site below.


Consort Immanuel is the name of our brass ensemble and its parent arts organization. This is where you would go if you were looking for information about hiring our brass ensemble or booking a band for your wedding. As the name implies, Consort Immanuel is a God centered musical organization without a fixed instrumentation. We have hired out a variety of different ensemble types and sizes ranging from trumpet duet to brass quintet. We even make a trumpet and bass duo available for outdoor weddings that require classical music for the ceremony and jazz background music for the reception.


What originally began as a life long store about my battle with stage fright and performance anxiety has now because something of an online ministry. An Expression of Grace offers Christian solutions to the crippling problems some musicians face on stage. Go to AnExpressionOfGrace.org to read my personal story and how God worked in my life to help me connect my performances to my daily walk as a Christian.


Our Lulu site is currently the only place you can purchase my books and musical compositions in digital format. It is also an alternative to buying from our music store and having to use paypal. Lulu is a P.O.D. store that offers a variety of different publishing packages and tools over and above the basic printing services. If you are a aspiring writer, we strongly recommend giving Lulu a try.


Our Tiger Music page on FaceBook is something of a work in progress. As the store grows, our participation on facebook will grow as well. We invite you to like our page as a way to keep up with special offers and new product releases.