African Journey – Improvisation No. 80

South African Journey
This is a photo from one of our earliest trips back to South Africa.

African Journey

I have been to South Africa five times now. The first two times were to Port Elizabeth to see Pearl before we were married. The other three trips were a mixture of family and business. On our last trip I participated in a Jazz Festival in Grahamstown (now called Makhanda) where I performed with the Afrika Mkhize Big Band and taught a number of master classes.

Going back to South Africa is always on our minds. Our South African journeys are the highlight of our year when we have the funds to get there. The longer we go between trips, the more eager we are to get there again.

Trumpet Improvisation

As I stated on the previous improvisation post, I am going to begin writing about the improvisations before I record them. I cannot know how thoughts of South Africa will manifest in the improvisation. I am not planning what I play. It will still be 100% improvisation, but what I think about, in terms of emotional and intellectual content, will be thoughts of South Africa. I will think about our family there, our friendships, the beautiful views, and the music.

Last week’s Free Improvisation video was Dawn on the Bayou. Click HERE if you missed it.

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