Amazing Grace Trumpet Play-Along

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Arr. Eddie Lewis

By popular demand….

Amazing Grace Trumpet Play-Along

Amazing Grace Trumpet 1 part
Sample Sheet Music – The duet version has both parts, obviously. 🙂

Our Amazing Grace Trumpet Duet is our top selling item. I think I’ve mentioned that here a few times in previous blog posts. What I haven’t mentioned is that a LOT of people have requested a YPFC Play-Along for this arrangement. It was on my to-do list, but it took me until today to get it done.

As I said, this is our highest selling item. We have sold more than twice as many Amazing Grace Trumpet Duets than our next highest selling item. I believe this is due to a combination of factors. One most obvious being that Amazing Grace is a very popular hymn. People like it, not just the audiences but the musicians as well.

Amazing Grace Trumpet Sheet Music PDF

I think it also helps that this arrangement is for trumpet duet. Trumpet players enjoy playing duets…for fun. It’s been that way for as long as I’ve been a trumpet player. When two trumpet players get together to “hang out”, it’s not uncommon for them to play duets.

I also think another reason why this is our best selling item is because the arrangement is right in the middle of the typical trumpet player’s skill level. It’s not dummied down, but it’s also idiomatic enough that most trumpet players can play it without any difficulty.

For whatever reason, this is our best selling piece and we are happy to finally have a play-along video for it.

You Play First Chair

I don’t typically post the YPFC videos on this blog. I am this time because I think, with the ongoing lockdowns, a LOT of people are using them. That makes sense. If you are used to being in band rehearsals on a regular basis, then these YPFC videos can help you keep your chops up. You want to be ready, physically and mentally, when the lockdowns are over and it’s time to start the rehearsals back up again.

If you are interested in exploring all of the YPFC videos, there is a page dedicated to these videos on my other website. Click the button below to take you there:

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