Americana Trumpet Suite for Trumpet Septet

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by Eddie Lewis

Trumpet Septet Sheet Music for Americana Trumpet Suite is available at:

Americana Trumpet Suite

Americana Trumpet Suite Cover Art

Americana Trumpet Suite is a trumpet ensemble composition written for seven trumpets (Trumpet Septet). It has seven movements composed in a style that was popular over 100 years ago when people were still traveling by horse and train.

The movements are as follows:

  1. Fanfare
  2. Polacca
  3. Work Song
  4. Sacred Hymn
  5. Waltz
  6. Appalachian Song
  7. March

Here’s a bit of trivia you might enjoy. Before I settled on the title, Americana Trumpet Suite, I was calling it “The Golden Age of Music”. That’s how I see the Americana music. I don’t necessarily think I did the style justice. It is difficult to write in a way that ignores all of my chromatic experience. But I think I at least got it into the ball park.

The Clarion Trumpet Ensemble at Hannibal-LaGrange University

The Americana Trumpet Suite was a “love commission” that I wrote for the Clarion Trumpet Ensemble at Hannibal-LaGrange University. For a few years, I was composing what I call, “love commissions” and this piece was one of those.

The love commission were pieces I was composing for free for people as love gifts. Some of these people were basically strangers who God somehow brought into my life. They were people who had a need for original music but no access to the kind of money required to pay for it. So I wrote a number of these “freebees” as gifts to those who needed them.

I don’t know the people at Hannibal-LaGrange University. I haven’t been in touch with them since I sent the piece. I don’t know if it was ever performed. That wasn’t the point. I felt a call to do this and these seven movements of Americana Trumpet Suite are the result.

Americana Trumpet Suite Trumpet Septet Sheet Music PDF Sample Score

About the Composition

Americana Trumpet Suite PDF Sheet Music Trumpet Septet Sample Part

When I do a commission, I send a questionnaire to the leader asking about the members of the group and their abilities. Americana Trumpet Suite was composed for students with very specific skill sets. Some of the parts are significantly easier than others, because the skill levels of the members of the group were of a wide range.

Most of the movements have the first trumpet player playing piccolo trumpet. This was a request made by the ensemble’s leader. There was also a request for a part that had mostly flugelhorn. It’s an interesting combination of instruments and skill sets.

The piece does not need to be performed in its entirety. The plan is to publish individual movements eventually. So it’s obviously alright to separate the movements and only perform the ones that match your programming needs.

Trumpet Play-Along Videos

We have added all seven movements of Americana Trumpet Suite to the Trumpet Play-Along videos on my YouTube Channel. We invite you to take the suite for a test drive on our You Play First Chair series. There is a web page dedicated to those videos on my other site.

The You Play First Chair videos are intended as educational tools, but they also work very well for letting you test drive the compositions and arrangements.

If you need to do some sight reading, the You Play First Chair videos are a great way to do that. If you want to read them sequentially, you can click on the video embedded on the website when you go there. That is an embedded playlist and should take you through all of the videos in order of difficulty.

The other benefit of playing through the You Play First Chair videos that way is that you really work on your endurance. I hope you enjoy it.

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