An Angel from Heaven Said to Me

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Here’s another intermediate level trumpet play-along for you to enjoy.

We are getting a LOT of great feedback about these play-along videos. People all over the world are using them to improve their sight reading and their chops.

Improve your Chops with Play-Alongs?


These are trumpet chamber music compositions. They tend to be more physically demanding than bend or orchestra pieces. As a general rule, the smaller the ensemble, the more chops it takes to play the music. So yes, playing through these videos can do a lot to help you with endurance.

How did I figure this out?

The first time I sat down to test the play list to make sure it was working correctly, I decided to play through the entire play list. It was delightfully difficult. I found myself hoping the adds between the pieces would be longer. 🙂

So yeah, the play list is difficult enough to give me a run for my money.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing through it.

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  1. Rick Peron

    “An Angel From Heaven Said To Me” – Very very nice Eddie! I really enjoyed that…. just sent the link to the Trumpet Community here in Tucson…. Take care!
    Rick Peron

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