At the Riverside – Trumpet Play-Along

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by Eddie Lewis

At the Riverside – Trumpet Trio Play-Along

This week’s You Play First Chair video is a piece that I wrote just to express and feel as sense of God’s peace. The tempo is purposefully slow. The time signature, seven-four, is deliberately drawn out. Even the key plays a role in creating this sense of peace.

At the Riverside

You Play First Chair

If you are unfamiliar with my trumpet play-along series, then let me introduce you to You Play First Chair (YPFC). At the Riverside is one of dozens of trumpet play-along videos we’ve published so far.

YPFC is a play-along video series that uses my own compositions and arrangements. I remove the first trumpet parts on the sound tracks for these videos and display the parts on the screen. The parts scroll as you play, emulating a genuine reading experience.

At the Riverside Trumpet Trio Play-Along

One of my students keeps asking me, “am I playing with you when I do the YPFC?”

The answer is YES. I record all of my own demo tracks. These are tracks that are meant to give potential customers a “sneak peek” at the music aurally. They get to hear what the music sounds like before they decide if they want to purchase the music or not. For the YPFC videos, I return to those original recordings and remove the first trumpet part. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than just that, but that’s where these play-along tracks come from.

I believe the best way to access these videos is through my other website. I have a page dedicated to the YPFC series that lists all of the videos in order of difficulty. By going to that page, you can jump around from video to video, picking and choosing the ones you like best.

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