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Trumpet Collection by Bernard FitzgeraldTrumpet Collection

Bernard Fitzgerald

When I referred this collection of solos to a student, I did so mainly because of the price. Most of these solos are considered standard pieces from the beginner and intermediate trumpeter’s repertoire and to get them all for under $25 is a great deal. But when the student ordered the collection and brought it to his lessons, I was surprised to find that it comes with a CD of all the piano parts. What was originally a great deal on solo music had then become a wonderful deal on a play-along package!

I believe that literature should constitute at least fifty percent of our practice time and that the highest form of literature for the classical trumpeter is solos like the ones in this package. Trumpet students should be working on solo literature from the time they are beginners. There is such a wealth of material available to us and it’s a shame that not enough people take advantage of it.

(Please see my post about what defines us as trumpet players.)

This Trumpet Collection by Bernard Fitzgerald includes the following trumpet solos:

  1. Adagio and Allegro Marziale by George Frideric Handel
  2. Allegro Gia mi sembra from the opera Lotario by George Frideric Handel
  3. Aria and Allegro by A. F. Tenaglia, J. P. Krieger
  4. Aria and Bourree from the Passion Oratorio and Solo Sonata in G  by George Frideric Handel
  5. Italian Suite by A. Scarlatti, A. Caldara, S. De Luca, F. Durante
  6. Allegro by Jos. Fiocco
  7. Sonata VII by Arcangelo Corelli
  8. English Suite by R. Bernard Fitzgerald
  9. Purcell Suite by Henry Purcell
  10. Adagio and Allegro from Sonata in E by George Frideric Handel
  11. Largo and Allegro from 6th Flute Sonata by George Frideric Handel
  12. “Let the Bright Seraphim” from the oratorio Samson by George Frideric Handel
  13. “Sound an Alarm” from the oratorio Judas Maccabaeus by George Frideric Handel

You can purchase it HERE.

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