Student CD Mixing and Mastering

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Final Stages of Student CD

We are in the final stages of mixing and mastering the CD for our students. I have a gig today, midday, and then I’ll be heading to the parent show for Alex’s marching band. The rest of the day I’ll be working on the student CD project.

We invited students this year to be part of this project as a substitute for a recital or trumpet ensemble concert. Our students live over such I wide area that it has been difficult to organize events that benefit them all. We have students who live as far north as Lufkin and as far south(ish) as Bay City. Most of the students travel at least an hour to get to their lessons and this makes scheduling other events almost impossible. As an alternative, we decided to invite each student to be part of a CD project and about half of them agreed to participate.

We recorded here in the lesson studio for about four months and now all that’s left is for me to put the finishing touches on the CD. This includes mixing, adding ambiance, panning, equalization, compression, peak limiting, sequencing, establishing end of track and beginning track, finalizing the cover art, applying a graphic layout and finally sending it off for duplication. It is a lot of work!

Originally I was going to include the students in this part of the project, but I soon realized that it would take up too much of their lesson time. As it is, I’ll be investing the equivalent of a part time job into this project over the next few weeks. I’m not complaining. It’s exciting to pull something like this off and I hope the students are as excited as I am.

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