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Sometimes trumpet players get tired of reading easy duets and want to step up to a greater challenge. If you want to begin collecting difficult trumpet books, you may want to consider the following:

Allen Vizzutti New Concepts for Trumpet

The Allen Vizzutti books are a big hit lately. I actually have this book filed in the duet section of my file cabinet because I feel that they are its main feature. The last duets in the book are as complicated as you would expect anything Vizzutti publishes to be.

The twenty duets are titled Air, Thirds, Egyptian Queen,Processional, Merry-Go-Round, España, Calypso, Invention, Hymn, Round, Miniature, Sea Waves, Cartoon, Lullaby, Soaring, Duel, Ballad, Quickstep, Passionata, and Humminbird.

The rest of the New Concepts book is etudes, exercises and pedagogical text.

26 Duets for Two Trumpets by A, Neibig

I currently own about twenty duet books and this is the only book that has two separate booklets for the different parts. The technical material is on the more advanced side of our art with plenty of opportunities for double and triple tonguing, broken arpeggios and wide intervals. The duets seem more performance ready than typical duets because of the individual booklets.

Mel Broiles Trumpet Studies and Duets Books I & II

Probably the most difficult trumpet duets I’ve ever played are from Mel Broiles’ books. I’m surprised to see that no one is carrying these books online. The only page I found was a listing on the publisher’s website. If you are looking for difficult trumpet duets, these books are must haves! Tough rhythms, tricky time signatures, wide intervals, multiple tonguing, transposition, extended range, everything you can think that makes music difficult is in these two books.

Celebrations 101 Original Trumpet Duets

101 Original Duets for Trumpet by Eddie Lewis
Celebrations – Art Work by Dr. Pearl Lewis

I would be an idiot not to mention that my duet book also has some very difficult duets in it. Although it starts of with simple whole note duets (which work great for a quick warm-up), the duets from number 46 to 101 are increasingly more difficult. Here’s what Chris Gekker has to say about Celebrations:

Your duets have been a great addition to my teaching. I like to do some sight-reading at each students’ lesson, and in your book there is so much variety and range of styles. Some duets are very simple, which can be deceptively challenging, and others have intervallic and rhythmic demands that are quite ambitious. I also appreciate the “swing” duets, of which there are a number: gone are the days when any trumpeter can ignore being able to play well in this manner. Congratulations on such a fine book, and I’m grateful for your contribution to our quest of becoming better musicians and trumpeters.

And in a review for the ITG Journal Dr. Winegardner says:

The musical quality and ingenuity found in these short compositions is unique, making the playing of these duets extremely enjoyable. Eddie Lewis has created an extraordinary collection of trumpet duets. The variety of styles and difficulty levels found in Celebrations make it a valuable and versatile duet book for all trumpet players, from a high school student to a professional.


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