Irons – Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises

Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises

Col. Earl D. Irons

The Irons book is one of those books I was practicing when I wrote my first book. It was part of the inspiration which determined how my book would be organized. In fact, the use of the word Groups in my Daily Routines book comes directly from Irons’ Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises.

The contents of Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises includes a forward with emphasis placed on tongue control, long tones, lip slurs, interval studies, lip trills, scales and multiple tonguing studies.

When I still practiced from Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises I tried to play the entire book from cover to cover. That was the way I practiced everything when I was younger. I want my students to understand that this is not the best way to practice most trumpet books. Many of the traditional trumpet staples are not actually methods as much as they are a collection of exercises. Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises will work with any method that utilizes those types of exercises. A method is not the exercises themselves but how you use those exercises.

For that reason, I have never been jealous when my students tell me they are using other exercises from other books. The method I teach them works with a great variety of different books. I believe in buying as many of these exercise books as you can afford and choosing those which best match your personal preferences. That’s why I often recommend that my students purchase Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises.

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