Getchell – First Book of Practical Studies

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First Book of Practical Studies

Robert W. Getchell

For the first twenty years of my teaching career, this was the etude book I used for all of my beginners. I found that it progresses from etudes in the key of C with half-notes and quarter-notes to etudes in three sharps and flats with more complicated rhythms more gradually than all of the other books. The students have very few speed-bumps when we use the First Book of Practical Studies. Speed-bumps are those sudden jumps in difficulty that slow the students’ progress down. First Book of Practical Studies is a progressive etude book that eases the student into each new level.

First Book of Practical Studies is also commonly used by more advanced players to work on their sounds. Even some of the world’s best orchestral players will pull out the Getchell book now and again.

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