Ballet Ball and a Grooves Gig

Sittin’ On Top of the World

We’ve been doing the Ballet Ball with the David Caceres band every year for a while now. This year they had the band setup on a small balcony about two hundred feet (I’m guessing) above the guests. It was a tight fit and didn’t seem worth the hassle until I went around to take a look from the other side of the room. Having the band elevated actually created a nice effect.

This wasn’t the first time we were setup like this. I remember one gig that we setup on theater props, making it look like we were on the second floor of a building in France or something like that. Now THAT was a tight fit!

Ed Lowe and I have been with David’s wedding band for fifteen years now. It has been a wonderful fifteen years at that. I consider it a great honor to work with David, Ed, Joel Fulgham (drums), Ted Wenglinski (keys), Anthony Sapp (bass) and Asle Roe (guitar). Performing with these guys has been an education and they are a big reason why I play so much better today than I did fifteen years ago.

The Grooves got Groovy Again

I finished the week with a gig with a band out of Austin called “The Grooves.” I’ve been working with these guys for a little over two years now. I enjoy their no hassle, professionalism more than I can say. They are good musicians who enjoy what they do but they don’t let that get in the way of their professional ethics. I have written about them before, but it really is a pleasure every time I work with them. I always feel like I can relax on their gig.

My Hair – BTW

If you have noticed lately that my hair is longer than usual, I would like to say that it is not because I have gotten lazy. And no, I am not growing my hair back out again. The reason I haven’t cut it yet is because we are trying to get a good picture for the CD cover. I am dressing up like someone from a hundred years ago and Pearl is using her Gimp skills to make the photo look antique. We already had one “session” but I didn’t smile at all, which was the plan because people didn’t smile in those old pictures. Unfortunately, I look REALLY mean when I don’t smile and that mean look isn’t consistent with the spirit of the music. So we are waiting and looking for a good time to have another session. This time I will at least smile a little. 😐

Looking Ahead

This week will be a busy one again. I have a concert at Rice University on Thursday night and a recording session earlier that day. Then after only a few hours of sleep, I’ll be performing some kiddy concerts with the Blue Gnus on Friday morning. Then Saturday I have a wedding reception or something with David Caceres. Then on Sunday a birthday party for Alex and his friends (they want a repeat of the jazz party he had last year – so I have some musical stuff to prepare for that) and then off to Reggie Goeble’s celebration of life to hang out with some dear friends. Of course, all of this is over and above my regular student load and daily “office” work. It’s nice to be this busy again.

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