Seven Days In Utopia: A Trumpeter’s View

Pearl and I recently watched “Seven Days in Utopia: Golf’s Sacred Journey”. It’s a story about a golfer who’s game falls apart, he drives off in a fit and ends up wrecking his car just outside of a little town in Texas called Utopia. During the course of the movie, an older gentleman works with him to get his game back.

It’s a very touching movie that cuts to the heart of what matters most in life. If you apply the priority list I wrote about in one of my earlier blogs to golf instead of music, then this movie would be the dramatic rendition of that list.

In response to my earlier blog, someone said (perhaps he was joking – I don’t know) that music was his religion. I think what this movie demonstrates is that when you distort your priorities that way, putting your career above everything else in your life, it doesn’t even help your career. In fact, once your life starts falling apart because of your distorted priorities, it becomes extremely difficult to do anything well at all, let alone be the best in your field.

I think the message here is a good one. Put your life in order. Set your priorities straight. Then true success will follow.

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