Mercury Gala with Richard Brown

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I Love to Play Soft

Saturday night was a treat for me. I love to play soft jazz and the clients specifically requested for the dinner music to be extra quiet. This gig reminded me of the “good ol’ days” playing at Kiki’s Mexican restaurant in El Paso, just me, Art Lewis and a rhythm player (guitar or bass). I remember we were setup so close to the nearest table that I could just reach over and take a bite! That gig was where I learned how to improvise very quietly. To me, that kind of playing is fun. I like anything that will push me to my limits because when that happens, I will grow.

We had a great band on that gig, too. Me, Johnny Gonzales on tenor and flute, Tommy Peters on guitar, Rankin Peters on bass, Gilber Sideño on keys and Tim Solook on drums. Sharon Montgomery was on vocals and I apologize but I can’t remember the other singer’s name. What I do remember about him is that he doesn’t live here in Houston. He works mostly in L.A. and comes to Houston on occasion to play with this band.

It was also nice that this even included a short performance of the ensemble the gala was raising money for. The Mercury Baroque ensemble (now referred to as just “Mercury”) is a fast growing chamber group in Houston. You can read more about them at

Rehearsal With the Directors’ Band

I also got to do a rehearsal last week with a band made up of area college jazz band directors. The performance with this group is coming up on Saturday as part of a jazz festival at the College of North Harris County. (I will look for more details about this performance and try to post them here so people will know where to go.)

Looking Ahead

I have a gig in College Station on Wednesday night. Then on Saturday I will be judging all day then performing with the jazz ensemble that evening. Of course, I will continue with all of the students and the various business projects we are working on right now. There are two projects I would like to finish this week so that I can say they were completed in March. And that is my cue to end this post and get working.


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