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Doing More for More People

Now that the online music store has been updated, we are in a better position to do more for more people without neglecting anyone in the process. As we move forward in our business plans, it is our hope that we will be able to do that in small increments until we reach our final goals. The first of those incremental steps is to begin referring teachers who have used and understand our books well enough to teach other people how they work. To initiate this new step, we have begun an Approved Teachers area at the online music store.

As of now, the lists are short, comprising mostly of past students and close associates of mine who have demonstrated an understanding of how each of the methods work. This is a good start, but we don’t want to limit these referrals only to people I know and have already worked with.

That’s where you come in. If you have been using any of my books and would like to be included in some of our referrals lists, please contact me using the form to the right of this blog.


Teachers wanting to be included on one or more of the lists must be able to demonstrate the ability to actually play the music or exercises in the book. With the Daily Routines and/or the Chops Express books, I will only include teachers who can play the exercises up to “Group Five” in the Daily Routines book or up to the “Trumpet Pro” routine in the Chops Express book.

I will also test all new teachers, via email (or over the phone if they prefer), to see if they understand the concepts behind the books. I believe this understanding is paramount for the teachers of the methods because each book is meant to be customized and adapted according to the students’ needs. Without the underlying understanding of the concepts, this kind of teaching is impossible.

The teachers must also demonstrate an understanding of the practical wisdom that surrounds each book. This wisdom includes the more mechanical do’s and don’ts of the methods. For example, someone who desires to be listed as an approved teacher for the Daily Routines book must understand the importance of the 50% rule, the rest as long as you play rule, and should know the correct way to practice the tonalization studies (just to name a few).

This Is Just the Beginning

For now, we are having potential students contact us if they are interested in connecting with one of the approved teachers. The reason we chose to do it this way is to avoid putting the teachers’ personal info online…in an attempt to avoid harvesters. In the future, God willing, we will like to have a more automated referral program which will eventually replace the lists.

I opened this post with the heading, “Doing More for More People.” By initiating this referral program with the lists, we can help not only a greater number of students, but some teachers as well. It’s nice to look at the lists we have already and see that we can potentially connect students and teachers in New York, Alabama, El Paso and hopefully Chicago. But I would like to see the geographical coverage expand to fill all of the corners of the globe.

About Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis is primarily known as a Christian free-lance trumpet player in Houston, TX. Eddie makes a living playing trumpet, teaching trumpet and jazz improvisation, writing trumpet music and authoring trumpet books. His second book, Daily Routines for Trumpet, is used regularly by thousands of trumpet players around the world. If you would like to purchase some of his CD's, feel free to visit our online music store at
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