Pita Jungle Jazz Jam – Chandler AZ

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Had a great time tonight jamming with some local Chandler musicians and hanging out with some high school buddies…

Jamming at Pita Jungle in Chandler AZOne of my favorite things to do when I’m out of town is sit in with local jazz musicians. Tonight I searched JazzinAZ.org and found a jam session very close to where my mom lives, here in Chandler, AZ. After confirming telephonically, I let my friends know and everything was set.

The house band featured Dave Ihlenfeld on Keyboard, Pete Gitlin on Bass and Cleve Huff on drums. There was also another fluglehorn player jamming named Ken (didn’t catch his last name).

Both Horns

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet with two dear friends from high school (we went to Andress High School in El Paso). It was great getting caught up with them.

Eddie Lewis, Les Townsend and Nancy Odiorne-Cook

The nice thing about the Pita Jungle jam is that it’s at a restaurant, not a bar. That means it is appropriate for the entire family. There were children as young as five years old digging on the music when we were there. It’s a great way to introduce your children to jazz music without exposing them to bar life. It is also a wonderful opportunity for a young musician to get his or her feet wet. I was sitting in at jam sessions like this one when I was a junior in high school. I truly believe that this is part of what lead to my current abilities as a player today.

Jamming at the PIta Jungle in Chandler AZ

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    • Eddie

      Thank you, John,
      Yes, we did have a great time. Not just at the jam session but the whole trip was wonderful.
      That said, it’s nice to be back home again. Lots to get done as usual. And I enjoy that the work we do gives us the opportunity to do things we like. It’s a win-win scenario. We are doing the best we can to bless people through our work, and in exchange we get to be blessed!!!
      Happy new year to you John. Thanks as always for reading my blog.

  1. Beth senger

    Hi Eddie,
    Cecilia Thompson and I are sitting having drink and we’re thinking of you guys. Did a quick google search and what fun to see you and Les! Do you live in Chandler? I was just there having dinner with a sister who lives there a few weeks ago. Hope you guys are well.

    • Eddie

      Hi Beth!

      Great to hear from you!
      No, we’re still living in Houston. But my mom lives in Chandler. That’s why we were there. I was on my way to Las Vegas for my New Year’s Eve gig.
      Yes, we are doing great. Thanks.

      If you see this, please tell Ceci I said hello.

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