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I was lamenting the other day about how little book reading I’ve done in the past ten years. Most of the books I’ve read since I moved to Houston were borrowed from the library. For each book I own and physically keep here at home, I have also read dozens of books that I no longer have access to.

In response to my moanings, Pearl said, “That’s because you do most of your reading on the internet now.”

She’s right, of course. I do read a lot of articles online now. If you look at the time I spend reading online, and compare it to the time that used to be invested into reading books, it’s probably about the same.

Not sure why I mentioned that. It has nothing to do with what I’m writing about. He he he…

Eddie Lewis Writing Music photo by Pin Lim at Forest Photography

I read an article online recently called Six Rules for Composers. Rule number seven (because #3 was scratched out) said “you have to keep writing.” Reading that reminded me of the only period in my life that I ever stopped composing.

I was so angry and disappointed when I contacted BMI to ask why my compositions were never getting sampled, that I ended up taking about a three year hiatus from serious composition. By that time I had been composing for about thirty years with literally hundreds of original works to my name. My music was (and still is) being performed all over the world, but for various reasons, none of those performances count towards getting sampled by BMI.
That means that there is no monetary reward for my writing outside of the sheet music sales we make at our store (

It was Ben Pokluda who jolted me out of that hiatus. Ben hired me to write music for Jazz Forever and it rekindled my love for composing. I wrote over 120 arrangements for the band in just short of two years.

As a result, the creative juices are flowing again. I am currently working on a saxophone quartet that I’m calling “True”. The first two movements are completed and the last movement should be done soon.

I’m writing the quartet for my friend, Woody Witt. The composition is the first piece I’m writing using the new and improved chord generator. For those of you who have been following that part of my career, you will know what the Spider Chords were. Well, the last time I composed a Spider Chord work, I had an epiphany about how to change the software so that it produces the results I was originally looking for.

The software is finished (I had to learn to program in JAVA, but that’s another story for a different blog post). I can no longer call them Spider Chords because the change I made to the software removes the visual that the name was based on. So I have decided to rename it to “Love Notes Chords”.

So yes, this is exciting for me. The first Love Notes composition is nearing completion! And yes, it’s everything I ever hoped it would be.

Ha! There’s a moral to that story. I will have to write another post, later, and title it “The Iron Eagle.” I will share the moral of the Spider Chords – Love Notes Chords story then.

Till then, it’s time to get back to work again. Lot’s to do.

Have a great week everyone!!!

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