Brent Carter Videos – So Smooth and What Is Hip

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So Smooth – by Brent Carter

Johnny Gragg recently released a couple of videos that I played a role in creating. For this first video, So Smooth, not only did I play the trumpet, but I wrote the horn parts. The song didn’t originally have horns. After they asked me to do the session they hired me to write original horn parts for the tune on this video.

What Is Hip

Although Brent Carter is currently the lead singer with The Average White band, he used to be lead singer with Tower of Power. It was a treat to play this popular T.O.P. tune with someone connected with the powerhouse band that made it popular.

I did pucker out at the end. I’m not afraid to admit it. 🙂

The horn parts we read on What Is Hip were also mine. When I first got called for the gig, Kelly asked me if I could clean up the old parts. These were the hand written parts that we used to use in the old Cold Sweat days. What Kelly didn’t know is that I wrote those original parts. I think that was in 1990. I did a record lift for Cold Sweat, and yes, of course my writing is like 1,000 times better today.

So it was fun to go back to my old parts and “clean them up”. 🙂 It was actually a very interesting experience, going back to my old writing and looking at how I used to think back then.

If you have a band and need some horn parts, either lifted or original, please feel free to give me a call. I have written horn parts for dozens of bands.

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