Selling the Big Ones

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Trumpets of Jubilee

I woke up this morning with a notice that we had sold a copy of this composition. This is a very good sign. The bigger more advanced pieces are far more difficult to sell because the market for them is so very small. There are very few large trumpet ensembles in existence. This composition is for twelve trumpets, a very rare ensemble.

The composition is also relatively high in terms of difficulty level. It is always easier to sell music for smaller ensembles. It’s not a coincidence that my best selling compositions and arrangements have been duets!

So yeah, it’s nice to wake up in the morning and see that someone bought this composition. I rarely know if the music people are buying ever gets performed or recorded, but getting the music sold is always the very first step in making that happen!

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      Thanks Johnny. Sorry for taking so long to respond. For some reason, WordPress is no longer telling me when people leave comments.

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