Who’s the Sellout?

a Behind the Wheel trumpet talk video.


I’m not a sell-out. I’ve never seen myself that way. And as I point out in the video, I don’t think many people see me that way either. But some people have.

I’m not alone. People called Aaron Copland a sell-out. They called Sergei Rachmaninoff a sell-out.

I think the term is most typically used when someone is successful. If a musician experiences success and people like his music, then that person is deemed a “sell-out” by the people who believe that they remained more loyal to the art. They reason that anyone who writes or performs music that the masses enjoy, that person must not be as loyal to the music.

As many of you know, I am extremely opposed to the notion of “loving music”. I do NOT love music. I do NOT perform or compose or teach music out of a love for it that so many other people profess.

No, I LOVE God. I LOVE people.

Music is a medium through which I express my love for God and my neighbor.

Maybe in some people’s eyes (those who hate God and hate their neighbors?) that is precisely what makes me a sell-out.

This is the topic of the video. Does it make me a sell-out if I use my music to express love for God and my neighbor?

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