Thanksgiving – Trumpet Hymn

A beautiful hymn that I had never heard before.


Daniel O. Teasley, pub.1903

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  • We thank Thee, Lord, for life and breath,
    Provided us so free;
    For at Thy hand we live and move—
    Our all must come from Thee.
    • Refrain:
      We thank Thee, blessed Master,
      With mortal tongue below;
      But when we gain that heav’nly plane,
      Eternal thanks shall flow.
  • For food, dear Lord, we raise to Thee
    Our song of thankful praise—
    For giving us that living bread
    Which gladdens all our days.
  • We thank Thee, Lord, for raiment, too,
    For slumber in the night,
    For clothing our immortal souls
    In shining robes of white.
  • We thank Thee, Lord, for Thy dear Son,
    For Thy unfailing grace;
    We thank Thee for the hope to see
    Our Savior face to face.

In this video from my Unadorned Trumpet Hymn series, I present to you a hymn that I had never heard before. We are publishing more of these lesser known hymns on purpose. I found a new website,, and we are exploring many of the hymns there.

Being Thankful

Not only does the Bible teach us about the benefits of thankfulness in our daily lives, but now science seems to be finally catching up. There are a great number of medical and scientific researches that say what the Bible has been saying all along.

I refuse to use words here like “validate”, “prove” or “confirm” because those words put the authority in the hands of the scientists. Instead, I recognize the authority God has over all of His creation.

I was speaking to a friend not long ago who is struggling with living a life of gratitude. He told me that it’s easy for me to have gratitude, because of all I have. And I just couldn’t help thinking that this friend of mine actually HAS a lot more than I do.

We need to be very careful about thinking that gratitude only happens after we get something we want. It actually works the other way around. An ungrateful person is never satisfied.

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