Free Improvisation #62

Sovran Nature

These more up-tempo improvisations are a little more difficult than the pretty, mellow improv. There is a greater sense of abandon that has to happen in my mind to play faster tempi. I literally must think less to play faster.

And the end result is that, yes, there are more “errors”… uncentered notes, rhythmic fluctuations, and sometimes just an overall chaotic sound.

In this free improvisation, I feel like things were flowing and the quality of what I’m playing is higher than it’s been in a while. At least for the faster stuff.

Three Per Day

Because of my work day/work week structure, I have begun recording two or three improvisations in one session. This presents a very different challenge because I don’t want the improvisations to sound the same. Since I don’t “control” what comes out (otherwise it wouldn’t be free, right), it is a mental challenge to think thoughts that lead to different sounds via a more indirect path.

Sovran Nature is the first of the three from this session. The other two will be posted on subsequent Mondays.

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  1. Stephen Montgomery

    Hi Eddie. This is Steve Montgomery. Yeah, great practice idea. I try to do this while “hearing” rather than thinking through the changes of a tune, also. Then other times completely free, which usually has some automatic references to practiced and remembered patterns. Great way to loosen the mind and the chops. I think of it as “you can get there from here” (as opposed to a you can’t get there from here attitude). It reminds me of warming up to play racquetball by hitting the ball against the front wall and purposely making more and more challenging return shots for yourself. The result, like with improvisation on a musical instrument, is to get a work out on fundamentals and at the same time be presented with opportunities to develop new technical skills to “stay in the game,” which is to be able to hear anything and play anything from any given point; within reason of course!

    Also, I’d like to post some guitar pieces and chordal/technical ideas on YouTube. I’m on a low-budget so I’ll probably need to start off just essentially doing musical selfies. I’ve never done this and I’m not very good with computers. Where/how do I start? Thanks. God bless you and your family.

    • Eddie Lewis

      Hey Steve!
      Yeah man, sounds like we are on the same wavelength. 🙂

      If you want, you can come over to my place some day and I can show you how to put the videos up. Bring your phone, your axe and we will make it happen.

  2. Stephen Montgomery, Sr. Montgomery

    Steve again. Just read your four reasons about cussing. Well done, Eddie!

    • Eddie Lewis

      Thanks man. One of these days I will have to follow it up with my cussing story.

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