Trumpeter’s Thoughtless Journey

Thoughtless Journey – Trumpet Free Improvisation Number Sixty-Three

Thoughtless Journey

This is free improv number 63 in my trumpet free improv video series. This one stands out as being a little more unique than some of the others. I won’t try to describe it. You can listen to it here.

Often, the titles for these improvisations are more difficult to come by than the improvisations themselves. I am often in a hurry to edit and post the videos and not a lot of time can be invested into finding an appropriate title. That’s why some of the titles can come out sounding kind of bazaar.

In this case, there is a passage in the middle of the improvisation when I play with a slightly Persian sound. In my mind, while I was playing, I decided that this was sounding like a hodge-podge of cultural adventures. So yeah, I called it Thoughtless Journey.

The thoughtless part refers to the fact that I am not thinking about music when I do these improvisations. I don’t think about notes or rhythms. I just play what sounds good to me. The trumpet becomes and extension of my mind while I do these free improvisations and one of the goals is to reach a point where I think about almost nothing musical while I’m playing.

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