Fanfare in Blue – Free Improv 68

Fanfare in Blue – Free Improv 68

This is one of the most truly unique improvisations I’ve done on these Trumpet free improvisation videos in a long while. And when I say “unique”, I mean unique compared to my other ones. I know there might be other people doing vaguely similar stuff. But for me, this came out of nowhere. And I like it. It sounds like something from 120 years ago.

I was really feeling this when I recorded it. It was flowing. This was not contrived or crafted. I had no plan. I just started with a single note and went from there.

What I did have before I started was a bunch of pent up feelings.

Remember, I am a stoic person, stoic in an adjective sense. I try to not let my emotions dictate my behavior. I actually believe that “passionate” people are dangerous, not only to other people but also to themselves. Stoicism helps us combat the stupid things we do when we become emotional.

But the flip side of that is that you must deal with your emotions when they happen. Being a stoic person does not mean we are psychopathic. We still feel emotions! We simply choose not to allow them to ruin our lives.

This video is an expression of my emotions in that moment. This is part of the mechanism I use to successfully live a stoic life.

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