A New Season: Free Improvisation No. 70

A New Season: Free Improvisation on Trumpet

This week’s free improv video hints towards that changing seasons of our lives. We only live in the time we do for this moment. We grow into this era. We plateau in the season between the bookends of disaster. Really! When we living on that plateau it seems like it might last forever. But then disaster strikes. Your world is turned upside down. The plateau that you grew to be so comfortable with slips from beneath your feet and you feel like you are tumbling down.

But you’re not!

Instead, you are floating up…

….to the next plateau. You are on your way to a new comfort and a new life. Alleluia!

We go through these seasons as a matter of course throughout our lives. The disastrous bookends sometimes feel like they will crush us, like we couldn’t possibly survive the upheaval.

But we do, and a new life comes from the ashes of the old.

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