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44K Streams in 90 Days

44,155 World Wide Streams Hello everyone. Today is the last day of the third quarter of 2019. One of the things I like to do is check my Spotify stats when I reach the end of another quarter. Praise God, … Continue reading

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Healing Prayer for Trumpet Quintet

Five Trumpet Piece I’ve only ever written three trumpet quintets so far. It’s an odd instrumentation to compose for; odd in more ways than just the number of players. One thing it does work nicely for is when you have … Continue reading

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Selling the Big Ones

Trumpets of Jubilee I woke up this morning with a notice that we had sold a copy of this composition. This is a very good sign. The bigger more advanced pieces are far more difficult to sell because the market … Continue reading

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U.T.E.P. Trumpet Ensemble at the N.T.C.

Voice of the Prophets There is a group of trumpet players who I have something very important in common with. They are students at the University of Texas at El Paso (U.T.E.P.) where I was a trumpet student in the … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Interlude

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Here is an original trumpet composition I wrote two years ago. The idea was to put into musical form what I hear as sounding like Thanksgiving to me. This trumpet ensemble piece is part of an informal … Continue reading

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No Concession Blues in Senior Recital

Cesar Hinojos, one of the trumpet students at U.T.E.P. (where I was a student in the 80’s) ended his senior recital with one of my original trumpet quartet pieces, No Concession Blues. Continue reading

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You Have to Keep Writing

I was lamenting the other day about how little book reading I’ve done in the past ten years. Most of the books I’ve read since I moved to Houston were borrowed from the library. For each book I own and … Continue reading

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