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Trumpet Q&A No. 3

Trumpet Q&A No. 3 – Live Stream 9:30 AM today (6/7/19) we will be answering your questions. Feel free to pop in and ask whatever you want to ask.

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G Above Super C

So, here’s a short clip of me demonstrating high notes at a summer masterclass. The funny thing about this video is that I don’t typically demonstrate high notes in public this way. There are only a few contexts when I … Continue reading

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NEW: Skype Lessons

After dragging my feet for years, I have finally given into the idea of offering private trumpet lessons over a Skype connection. Skype Lessons for Trumpet It’s official! We are now offering what used to be called “Internet Trumpet Lessons,” … Continue reading

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Driving Straight Through Your Sound

Speaking of Analogies In my most recent trumpet lesson post called Trumpet Analogies, I wrote about why trumpet and other brass teachers use so many analogies. Today’s post is about one of those analogies. How to Get a Good Trumpet … Continue reading

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Trumpet Analogies

Revealing What’s Hidden If you hang around trumpet (and other brass instrument) teachers long enough, you will learn that we have a tendency to use a lot of analogies. There is a reason for this. In contrast to instruments like … Continue reading

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Playing Trumpet With Chapped Lips

My problems playing trumpet with chapped lips began when I lived in El Paso, an arid, mountainous area of the great state of Texas. In stark contrast to living in Hawaii, where I had lived previously to El Paso, the … Continue reading

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Daily Routines: Let’s Get This Party Started!

Get A Life, This Is The 90’s The first upgrade I made to the Daily Routines book was when we graduated to computer generated output. Several of my music friends were purchasing computers to print and publish their books and … Continue reading

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