Twelve Concert Duets by J. S. Cox

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Twelve Concert Duets For Cornet or Trumpet by J. S. Cox Edited by Frank Simon This is a wonderful collection of difficult duets (Grade 3-4) intended for concert performance. They require a special combination of flexibility, style and stamina. Both … Continued

Theo Charlier – 36 Etudes Transcendantes

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College Level Trumpet Etudes The Charlier Etudes are standard fare for all college level trumpet students. The difficulty level is greater than most other major trumpet etude staples. Because it is a french publication (Alphonse Leduc) the price is typically … Continued

Getchell – First Book of Practical Studies

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First Book of Practical Studies Robert W. Getchell For the first twenty years of my teaching career, this was the etude book I used for all of my beginners. I found that it progresses from etudes in the key of … Continued

Irons – Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises

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Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises Col. Earl D. Irons The Irons book is one of those books I was practicing when I wrote my first book. It was part of the inspiration which determined how my book would be organized. In … Continued