Fanfare in Blue – Free Improv 68

Fanfare in Blue – Free Improv 68 This is one of the most truly unique improvisations I’ve done on these Trumpet free improvisation videos in a long while. And when I say “unique”, I mean unique compared to my other … Continued

Saying “Thank You” – Trumpet Improvisation No 69

Saying “Thank You” – Free Improv No. 69 I normally do these improvisation videos ahead of time and schedule them. Not this time. This one is hot off the grill. Recorded it this morning. I want to take this opportunity … Continued

Improv 66 – Root of the Problem

Root of the Problem – Improvisation #66 Here’s an improvisation I did based on good old fashioned B Flat blues. Most of my improvisations don’t have set chord progressions, but for this one, I was thinking about Route 66 – … Continued