Trumpet Q & A No. 10

Trumpet Q & A for August 3rd, 2019

Hey everyone, we have been doing our live stream question and answer sessions almost every week now. I wanted to make sure to mention it here again because sometimes this blog gets a little lost in the shuffle of all the irons I have in the fire, so to speak.

The live streams are always 9:30 AM Houston time (GMT-5 during this time of year). We encourage you to join us to ask any questions you might have about trumpet.

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Trumpet Q&A No. 3

Trumpet Q&A No. 3 – Live Stream

9:30 AM today (6/7/19) we will be answering your questions. Feel free to pop in and ask whatever you want to ask.

Live Streaming at 9:30 AM, 6/7/19
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Q&A Live Stream No. 1

Q&A Live Stream No. 1

Join me today (Saturday the 25th) at 9:30 AM for our very first live Q&A session on YouTube.

Hello everyone,

I know this seems last minute and many of you won’t get this in time. That’s my fault. I am in the process of figuring out how all this works. I didn’t know I could post a video BEFORE it’s even made. Wow. The wonders of modern technology.

This is our first attempt to do a live Question and Answer session on YouTube. I don’t know where this is going to take us, but it’s time.

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Come Thou Fount

Come, Thou Found of Every Blessing

Here’s one of my most recent duets. This not to be confused with the Unadorned Trumpet Hymn series. The objective of that series is to present the hymns in their purest form with no ornamentation. This duet is probably going to be part of a series as well, but it hasn’t been formalized yet.

The sheet music for this duet is available at Sheet Music Plus and at PayHip. In case you in interested.

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Selling the Big Ones

Trumpets of Jubilee

I woke up this morning with a notice that we had sold a copy of this composition. This is a very good sign. The bigger more advanced pieces are far more difficult to sell because the market for them is so very small. There are very few large trumpet ensembles in existence. This composition is for twelve trumpets, a very rare ensemble.

The composition is also relatively high in terms of difficulty level. It is always easier to sell music for smaller ensembles. It’s not a coincidence that my best selling compositions and arrangements have been duets!

So yeah, it’s nice to wake up in the morning and see that someone bought this composition. I rarely know if the music people are buying ever gets performed or recorded, but getting the music sold is always the very first step in making that happen!

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Stars of the 60’s Gig

Oldies Gig

Hey everyone, I just got word that I’m going to be on this gig. I’m really looking forward to it. I greatly enjoy the “oldies” gigs. They remind me of my father, who loved this music. I grew up listening to these bands because of him.

I think I’ve played this series before, at the Stafford Center. Last time I did one of these, I was one of the horn players for the Grass Roots. Fun gig. I’m sure this one will be fun, too.

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Breathe Right on Trumpet

Breathe Right on the Trumpet

Here’s another trumpet tutorial video. We had a request from one of our subscribers and this is the final result. I may have written a blog about this in the past. It wasn’t long ago that I preferred writing blogs over making videos. That changed after the first 200 videos.

Anyway, sorry about the duplicated content if this is already on the blog.

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