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Q: What happens when you don’t make a habit of putting things away when you are done with them?

A: Those things pile up until you are forced to spend extra time putting them all away later.

The result is a difference in lifestyles. One lifestyle is filled with clutter while the other is not, generally speaking. When you live a life of clutter, it becomes an impossible task to find things when you need them. The efficiency of your life suffers and just about everything you do takes more effort than it should.

Putting things away when you are done with them seems like a trivial thing to do. Most people do not like to do it, but when you understand the difference it creates in lifestyles, it becomes a no-brainer.

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Centralizing Our Online Presence

We have installed WordPress here in an effort to increase the efficiency of our online presence. The intention is for this blog to become a hub for most of my news, events and other information. So much of what we do is scattered in so many virtual directions and it has become far too much effort to keep up with all of it.

If this works the way I hope, I’ll be posting about trumpet playing, composition, Bible study, music business and even a few personal things along the way.

So, on your mark, get set….. go!

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