Series Posts

Often times the topics I like to write on are too lengthy to limit them to only one post. Instead of forgoing those topics, I have chosen to turn them into article series where we discuss the topics in depth over a period of months or even years. The following is a list of the series currently available.

Musicians’ Survival Guide

One of the most difficult aspects of making a living as a full time musician is surviving the slow times. It is unrealistic to become a musician thinking that you will never experience those times when work is scarce. The Musicians’ Survival Guide series is dedicated to helping musicians work their way through those challenges to be even more successful when they come out the other side of those slow times.

Love Is – 1 Cor. 13

The Love Is series is an in depth look into the meaning and importance of the famous “Love Is” list from 1 Corinthians 13. We plan on using the articles from this series as starting point for a book on the subject. For that reason, we appreciate any feedback you are willing to share with us.

Life Builders

The Life Builders is a series of posts through which I acknowledge those people who have contributed to my success in life. Although the Life Builders series was begun about six months before the Love Is series, it is actually an extension of one of the words in the traditional love list. Click on the main Life Builders page to read more about that.

Wholesome Musical Priorities

The Wholesome Musical Priorities series is an expansion of an earlier post on the topic of where music should fit as a life priority.